H. Probosutedjo who has experience as a teacher at Perguruan Taman Siswa, Pematang Siantar, North Sumatera, on November 10, 1981 founded the Dewantara Entrepreneur Academy (AWD), and the inauguration was carried out by the late Mr. H. Adam Malik, Deputy President of the Republic of Indonesia at that time. Dewantara was taken from the name of the National Education figure, Ki Hajar Dewantara.

The mission of this academy education is to develop an educational model to produce Pancasila entrepreneurs, and development cadres who are independent and able to create employment opportunities.

Before having their own campus, the implementation of lectures was held at the Indonesian Workers Foundation Building (YTKI) Jl. Gatot Soebroto. In 1984 Menara Bhakti Foundation succeeded in building a campus named Menara Bhakti Campus.

In 1985, armed with the ability and experience in organizing the Wirantwasta Dewantara Academy education, the idea arose to establish a university-level educational institution. With the Decree of the Chairperson of Menara Bhakti Foundation Number: 04 / SKEP / KET / VI / 1985 dated June 12, 1985, the University Establishment Committee was formed, with Chair Dr. Sri-Edi Swasono and assisted by H. Abdul Madjid, Drs. Iman Santosa Sukardi (deceased), Drs. M. Enoch Markum, Ir. Suharyadi, MS, Soekarno and Prijo S. Parwoto (deceased).

After going through the preparation of the establishment and feasibility study, with Number: 010 / KET / YMB / VI / 85 dated June 12, 1985, the Foundation submitted a request for permission to establish Mercu Buana University (UMB) to Kopertis Region III.

Based on the letter Number: 15 / KOP.III / S.VI / 85 signed by Prof. Dr. Boesjra Zahir (deceased), on June 18, 1985, Kopertis Region III approved and granted an “Operational” permit to the University of Mercu Buana.

On October 22, 1985 the University of Mercu Buana was officially declared standing, with the Faculties and Departments as follows:

  • Technical Faculty, Architectural Engineering Department and Civil Engineering Department.
  • Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Social Economics of Agriculture (Agribusiness) and Department of Agriculture (Agronomy).
  • Faculty of Economics, Department of Management and Accounting Department.

The number of students in the first year was 118 people. One year later, based on the results of the Kopertis Region III evaluation, the six departments obtained “Registered” Status from the Minister of Education and Culture, through Decree Number: 0507/1986.

In order to meet the demands of education development in the community, with the “Operational” permit from Kopertis Wilayah III Number: 12 / Kop.III / S.VI / 86 dated June 5, 1986, in the academic year 1986/87 Faculty of Engineering opened the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty Agriculture opens Agriculture Mechanization Department.

Furthermore, in the academic year 1987/1988, the Engineering faculty opened the Electrical Engineering Department. Entering the 1988/1989 academic year a new development took place at the University of Mercu Buana. Based on the proposal of the Chairperson of the Menara Bhakti Foundation with the approval of Kopertis Wilayah III, the Wirantwasta Dewantara Academy was stated to have joined the Mercu Buana University. The education of the academy becomes a Corporate Management D3 Program under the Faculty of Economics with a “Registered” status. In 1989, the Mechanical Engineering Department obtained a “Registered” Status, based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture Number: 0382/06/1989 dated June 21, 1989, as well as the Department of Agricultural Mechanization, on August 6, 1990 obtaining a “Registered” Status, with a Letter Minister of Education and Culture Decree Number: 0495/08/1990.