Joint Community Service Between Universitas Mercu Buana (UMB) with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Joint Community Service Between Universitas Mercu Buana (UMB) with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Creating a superior human resources (HR) requires a sustainable and ongoing process. The process is a collaboration of all stakeholders (stakeholders) to realize the same purpose, which is Indonesia advanced. University of Mercu Buana which is a private college tracreditation A conducts community service activities (CPM) that is part of Tri Dharma PT that is aligned with the government program to realize the superior human resources in August 22, 2019 S. D 25 August 2019.

As for strengthening cooperation and exchanging experiences between countries, University of Mercu Buana took the University of Science Malaysia to socialize and transfer knowledge to the community. PKM premiered on 22 August 2019 in the area of North Kembangan village, Kembangan District, West Jakarta with the theme “Productivity increase of mother-in-laws through the use of effective E-Commerce (Enhance Productivity of Housemaker by E-Commerce) delivered by the lecturers of Mercu Buana Mr. Lucky Nugroho, SE, MM, MAk, MCM and also by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anees Janee Ali from the University of Science Malaysia.

The purpose of this socialization is to change the behavior of the mother-housewife who uses social Media (sosmed) only for entertainment and spend free time to become a productive in order to distribute expertise and such as cooking and making household crafts that can be sold so as to provide additional income in order to improve the welfare of the family. Surely this PPM will not be successful without the support of the local village which is represented by the Secretary of the village of Mr. Dwi Cahyono and all the ranks and the team of PKK mothers who are very enthusiastic to follow the PPM event.

University of Mercu Buana represented by Mrs. Nurul Hidayah., SE., Ak., MSi and Ibu Dr. Rien Agustin said that the University of Mercu Buana has a strong commitment to community empowerment in order to print superior human resources for Indonesia forward Through PPM activities, research and teaching and

Through UMB application, Ponpes Riyadhusholihiin digitized

Melalui Aplikasi Karya UMB, Ponpes Riyadhusholihiin Terdigitalisasi

In today’s digital age, the educational world is also required to keep up with the times. Included in boarding school.

Called to this problem, the University of Mercu Buana through a Masters in Accounting courses digitize the Pondok Pesantren Riyadhussholihiin in Rocek Cimanuk, Pandeglang, Banten. “The team that I have lodged submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Health to participate in the grant of community devotion with the scheme of Community Partnership Program (PKM), ” said Hari Setiyawati, chairman of PKM Pondok Pesantren Riyadhussholihiin in Jakarta.

The activities that took place from March to July 14, 2019 shot three main things. First, digitize the academic information system of the ponpes. Secondly, transformation from the manual to the online accounting and finance system.

“We compiled a system of academic information and accounting information systems. Outside of digitisation, the team from UMB also conducted a test of students from SMP and SMA as much as 126 students on 20 May, by the psychologist team of Mercu Buana University, “said the day that is also the chairman of the Master of Accounting course.

It is further said that the preparation of accounting information system uses Zahir Accounting program. This activity involves the Treasurer, accounting, finance, and administration sections. “The system that was realized in the form of the application was released on July 12, with a training course. The academic information system was launched on 14 July and assisted by PKM team Sarwati Rahayu and the programmers Vive Vio Permana from the facility UMB. In addition to lecturers, the PKM team also involved the students of Accounting masters, Mahroji and Nafisa Luthfia Augesty from UMB psychology, “said Hari Setiyawati.

Asked what is the importance of digitisation accounting in the ponpes, he said, the boarding school Riyadhussholihiin leader Ustaz Fachruddin Nu’man LC has a great asset. Similarly, the number of Santrinya is more than 1,000 people in total.

“Adequate facilities with an area of about 4.2 hectares (ha), have 32 classrooms and 60 dormitory rooms. This all requires control and it is difficult to do manually, “he explained.

During this SPP payment control is done manually. This condition is troublesome for the regent and the staff of the financial administration in Ponpes. “Now the trustee is simply upload the proof of payment, later in the system there is a notification that nge-link with the financial part which means already paid SPP. Once the Guardian has to relate directly to the finance or treasurer to tell if They have paid their son SPP, “he explained.

So is the academic information system. Previously, the mayor could not monitor the activities or achievements of his son in the Ponpes. “What is the value of his daily, tests, who is his guardian, who is his guardian, who is his Halaqoh teacher, and others. But with the academic application built by UMB PKM team, they can be monitored. The point of this system facilitates information and communication for teachers and students.

The test of talent performed against the students is very beneficial for students, teachers and the guardians of students. Because it can be known to where the students ‘ talents. By known talent, teachers and guardians can hone the talent and prepare it from now, the origin is not contrary to the creed and principles of Syar’i.

Tips to market products effectively with Interpersonal communication

Most of the communication activities done in the promotion are done through inter-private communication. Effective interpersonal communication will greatly help the promotion of a product and prevent the occurrence of misunderstandings between producers and consumers.

Interpersonal communication as a form of behavior, can change from very effective to very ineffective. One time the communication can deteriorate and other times it can be better.

Recognizing the importance of this, the Master of Communication Sciences University of MERCU Buana held activities to increase the potential of the traditional weaving fabrics industry of the mother Village Kanekes, Lebak in mid-July 2019.

On socialization activities in addition to being given knowledge related to the role of interpersonal communication in promotional activities, also conducted promotion simulation conducted by mothers.

“Through socialization is expected of traditional weaving craftsmen mothers Kanekes Village, Lebak, will be more aware of the role of interpersonal communication related to promotion, understand the effective dimensions of interpersonal communication, and how to conduct persuasion and promotion through Interpersonal, “said the head of the Center for Community Service at the University of Mercu Buana Dr. Inge Hutagalung, M.Si, Thursday (18/7/2019).

He said the role of communication in the marketing of a product is absolutely absolute. Promotions are all kinds of marketing communications designed to inform customers about products or services and influence purchasing certain goods or services.