Clean Culture is Assessed as A Way to Prevent Flooding in Capital

The college is obliged to conduct devotion to the community which is one of the pillars of Tri Dharma College as mandated by Law No. 20 of 2003 on national education system article 20.

In line with these obligations, the University of Mercu Buana through community service activities in the beginning of January 2020 had a caring flood activities in one of the target villages, namely Kelurahan Kembangan Utara West Jakarta.

Head of Center for community service at Mercu Buana University, Dr. Inge Hutagalung, stated that the University of Mercu Buana since 2017 has actively assisted West Jakarta local Government in implementing various activities for Community devotion that aims to solve the problems faced by the community.

“By utilizing relevant academic skills; utilization of appropriate technology; Develop teaching materials or training modules for the enrichment of learning resources; Make behavioral changes in a positive direction; And doing activities that are capable of improving the quality of the environment, “said Inge in his description, Sunday (12/1/2019).

Further, Inge explained about flooding in West Jakarta, need to improve the socialization of clean culture among the community. Culture of removing garbage recklessly is one of the causes of flooding in Jakarta environment.

Through clean cultural socialization activities are expected to grow public awareness in the effort to maintain ecosystems and environmental hygiene.

A clean culture socialization of the intended environment must begin early from the PAUD learning process continues at a higher level of education, and starts from the family.

The delivery of flood assistance to North Kembangan village, West Jakarta was directly received by Lurah Kembangan Utara, West Jakarta.

In his speech, North Kembangan Thank you for the concern of the University of Mercu Buana Academic Affairs, and hope that Mercu Buana can help the socialization of clean culture among the community through the activities of devotion to the society that is varied and innovative, in an effort to cultivate the net in a community environment, especially North Kembangan village, West Jakarta.