UMB’s Lecturer and Student Training Children’s Scavenger, Street and Buskers about Multimedia

Lecturer and Student team of Mercu Buana University trains scavenger children, buskers, and street children in Smart Room (Bilpin) Jakarta, to learn Multimedia starting from the basic computer use, simple application, to the level application such as coding games and website creation.

The smart Room is located in Kampung Gasong Menteng over Jakarta Selatan, right in the tomb area just behind the city of Cassablaka Mall Jakarta.

Anak-anak Pemulung

Children of Scavenger, street and Multimedia learning with UMB team of lecturers and students

Here there are about 40 school-age children dropouts and turn into buskers and scavenger and become street children without good mentoring to grow.

The community service activities of this college will take place over the next 10 months.

Lecturers and students involved in this activity is Eugenius Kau Suni as the chief executive, Wawan Ridwan and Edward Juanda as members of the team PKM, as well as three students Haidar Ilham Maulana, Khairul Arifin, and Wahyu Rifo.

They will train the children in this Gasong village so they are eager to return to school.

For general, they dropped out of school at ELEMENTARY, JUNIOR High, and HIGH school. His economic and low difficulty in learning interest became the main cause of dropouts.

“We hope children can get to know the education, without having to think the cost. Children can get to know the multimedia world according to age. We provide knowledge on how to design, use computer software. “said EGi Suni, lecturer of Yunaenah

The attendance of the team from Mercu Buana tries to help this street child to keep learning opportunities, including learning Multimedia as a science that is very popular with children today.

In addition to informatics science, during the next 10 months, will also be trained in broadcasting science such as shooting techniques and video editing.

The plan of the team from Mercu Buana with the help of grants Dikti will prepare a computer editing tool that will be submitted to Bilpin as a means of learning for children in the village Gasong.


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