Tips to market products effectively with Interpersonal communication

Most of the communication activities done in the promotion are done through inter-private communication. Effective interpersonal communication will greatly help the promotion of a product and prevent the occurrence of misunderstandings between producers and consumers.

Interpersonal communication as a form of behavior, can change from very effective to very ineffective. One time the communication can deteriorate and other times it can be better.

Recognizing the importance of this, the Master of Communication Sciences University of MERCU Buana held activities to increase the potential of the traditional weaving fabrics industry of the mother Village Kanekes, Lebak in mid-July 2019.

On socialization activities in addition to being given knowledge related to the role of interpersonal communication in promotional activities, also conducted promotion simulation conducted by mothers.

“Through socialization is expected of traditional weaving craftsmen mothers Kanekes Village, Lebak, will be more aware of the role of interpersonal communication related to promotion, understand the effective dimensions of interpersonal communication, and how to conduct persuasion and promotion through Interpersonal, “said the head of the Center for Community Service at the University of Mercu Buana Dr. Inge Hutagalung, M.Si, Thursday (18/7/2019).

He said the role of communication in the marketing of a product is absolutely absolute. Promotions are all kinds of marketing communications designed to inform customers about products or services and influence purchasing certain goods or services.


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